Мероприятия Март 2022

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03–05 март 2022
Mahana Lyon is a comprehensive exhibition for tour and travel industry in 75. The event will attract many visitors from 75 and neighboring countries. Visitor profile includes - Corporate and Business Travel Decision Makers, Leisure and Holiday Travellers (FIT & Groups), Travel Trade Members, National and International Representatives from Hospitality Industry, Travel Planners etc.
11–14 март 2022
Exhibitions Wine and Gastronomy: The appointment with the soils of 75 Despite the standardization and globalization, the pleasures of the table remains one of the favorite hobbies of the French. Every year they find themselves more likely to come get drunk flavors and aromas of wine fairs and food organized by GL events * Exhibitions Performance. Quality, authenticity and 233bility: by joining us, this is the motto that you partner!
19 март — 24 май 2022
Food&Beverage. Buyers-Suppliers Networking Platform helps suppliers expand their international buyer network. Suppliers showcase their products on the platform with an option to take part in live presentations held weekly. 10906 relevant verified buyers from 102 countries come to the platform for a user-friendly, time-saving, and precise new supplier search. Platform`s build-in functionality filters suppliers according to needed criteria, gets familiarized with their products, schedules meetings, and conducts business negotiations in a virtual meeting room. All quickly and efficiently within one platform. 食品&饮料。买家-供应商线上平台可以帮助供应商招募更多的国际买家。 供应商在平台上展示他们的产品,并可选择参加每周进行的直播,展示和介绍公司的产品。 有来自102个国家/地区的10906个经过审核的专业买家会通过该平台,进行友好、高效、精准的搜索新的供应商。 平台的内置功能可以根据需求筛选供应商,了解其产品,预约会议,并在虚拟会议室进行 商务会谈。 在这个平台上可以快捷高效的完成需要的所有工作。
22–24 март 2022
Faithful to HORECA’s mission of bringing people together and delivering valuable business contacts, HORECA CONNECTS, held under the theme "Building New Bridges,” provides trade professionals with an unparalleled opportunity to discover the latest products, network and do business. AFID 2022, organized by Berytech, is held concurrently with HORECA CONNECTS.
23–26 март 2022
Still living in Toulouse, a creation BIO ETC in the heart of the pink city will host three days during which exhibitors and entertainment in mind Live Nature of exhibitions, BIO and the natural products in the spotlight in the southwest . The logical follow-LIVE NATURE, living Organic Farming Environment and Natural Products in South West Toulouse / Exhibition Dates: Friday 9th to Sunday, March 11, 2012 Hours: 10 am to 20 pm Admission: 5 euros. Children under 12: Free Free admission with a specific invitation to ask us by email: vivrenaturetoulouse@yahoo.fr
24–26 март 2022
"Re-Living" redirect, revamp, re-arrange, renovate, re-raise, rehabilitate ... to meet the growing needs of visitors to the renovation market growing: 66 billion euros in sales in a market of 55% of houses of which 80% are homeowners. Wood & Eco-housing construction wood from eco-energy, development of eco-design, innovative products to those more respectful of the planet ... Passion & Renovation House serves a real commitment to eco-consumerism, and more responsible citizen. The Contemporary Home Decoration, design, shop fitters, architects, kitchens, baths, fireplaces, stereo-video, new technologies ...