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The British Dental Trade Association looks forward to welcoming you to a record-breaking London Dental Showcase, which has oustripped all previous London shows with more exhibitors and stands than ever before. Those who have visited Showcase before know just what a superb opportunity it is to see the latest technologies, equipment and sundries all displayed conveniently under one roof. The BDTA has put together a show that is intended to be both educational and enjoyable and to provide a valuable resource for every member of the dental team.
13–15 апр. 2023
Trade Fair for pharmaceutical products.Medical preparations  Medications           Cosmetic products     Diagnostic equipment           Reagents         Laboratory technique    SoftwareTransporting and logistic           Delivery of medications        Specialized literature       Financial services                
Die Messe DGCH Berlin ist der Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie.Im Kongressprogramm des DGCH Kongress Berlin werden aktuelle Themen wie allgemeine Chirurgie, Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie, Gefäßchirurgie, Kinderchirurgie, orthopädische Chirurgie, sowie Unfallchirurgie, Neurochirurgie, Plastische, Rekonstruktive und Ästhetische Chirurgie oder Thorax-, Herz- und Gefäßchirurgie behandelt.Ein Rahmenprogramm ergänzt das Kongressprogramm des Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie Berlin DGCH.
25–27 апр. 2023
WBR is pleased to announce that we now offer a full range of webinars. Whether you're interested in sponsoring a series produced by us or require something a bit more custom, we are here to help you generate and qualify leads today for your sales team to convert tomorrow. LogiPharma Europe is the annual gathering of senior-level pharmaceutical supply chain executives in Geneva, where over 120 Global Heads and VPs of supply chain, logistics and procurement gather to share best practice and identify solutions to the most prevalent challenges affecting pharmaceutical logistics.
<div>Ladies and gentlemen! Visitors and exibitors! Welcome to the Charing Cross International Symposium!At the Charing Cross International Symposium the representatives from many specialties and disciplines within radiology, from different countries, will discuss recent scientific and clinical achievements and exchange clinical research ideas.</div>
As an important industry meeting place for healthcare IT, conhIT is a cross-segment, national trade show for information technology. Launched in 2008 as a successor to the ITeG trade show, conhIT is based on a modern concept developed by Messe Berlin and the VHitG (association of IT solution suppliers for the healthcare industry). The schedule of events at conhIT devotes equal time to the industry trade show and the congress/academy segment. This enables exhibitors and visitors to concentrate on specific programs. More than 30 congress presentations featuring top-ranking speakers plus a series of outstanding education and training seminars – some of which are certified – presented by the conhIT Academy add up to a first-class trade event. A variety of interesting forums offer excellent opportunities for professional communication and information exchange.   Healthcare IT: archivinginformation and communication technologieslogistics/retailing/marketingscience and researchmedia and publishersorganizationsservice providersindustry associations 
Tradeshow Tradeshow structures, hospitality and accommodation for elderly dependents. Lounge exclusively for professional and institutional sector of the sixth age. Market Themes Community Health, Medical Rates Schedule: 8h30 to 18h Admission free registration required.
The DAC 2011 will meet together under the banner, Vitale borderline situations are. " These four words are the following four key messages to be placed at the center: Our work touches more directly the life, for life and survival of important - vital - features that we watch with awe, protect, maintain and even restore to. Patients are always our actions while at the limit, between hope and fear, between wakefulness and anesthesia, between autonomy and loss of autonomy, between medically feasible and reasonable, and often between life and death. It is important to limit these situations with the highest professional competence and humanity - accompany - often to their own limits as possible. To success for our patients will only ever use together in trusting collaboration with other health care representatives, especially our operative and interventional partners but also with the partners of conservative medicine. The capacity for good interdisciplinary teamwork - and we, with other related professions such as nurses or emergency medical personnel - is essential.
Pain affects all of us some of the time, and many of us all the time. Yet, the pharmacologic treatments available to alleviate pain have changed little in the last 50 years. Those who suffer from acute pain originating in the peripheral nervous system have the best chances of finding relief, while others suffering chronic neuropathic pain must often settle for partial or even minimal relief.In addition the current models and theories of pain and its mechanisms have failed to yeild significantly new therapeutics over recent years.Now in its 12th year, SMi's annual Pain Therapeutic conference series has gone from strength to strength; join our faculty of top-level speakers and address the current issues facing the clinical R&D field of pain drug development.
"| Together" is the motto of the Diabetes Congress in 2012, to invite me to thank you in Stuttgart. This motto we have filled in the planning with life and hope to provide you with the program and a new format is an interesting and exciting event. "Motivate, integration, treating - make" stands for the core subjects, which focuses on the program. The previous annual meeting or by insiders as the "Spring" called main Congress of the German Diabetes Society in the coming year will receive a distinctive look: It starts in the design of the program booklet and listened to the stationery. So that everyone understands, which focuses on our annual meeting, we have the brand "Diabetes Congress in 2012" was created. Even the name suggests that it is the leading annual event on diabetes in the German-speaking countries is - for everyone to understand, especially for those who do not yet know the abbreviation DDG. This view is also that Congress, unlike in the past more accessible and open to visitors from other professional groups such as cardiologists, nephrologists and primary care physicians. Likewise, Congress should address both the scientific and clinical talent and enthusiasm for the subject of Diabetes.
05–06 май 2023
The exhibition is a pharmaceutical Interpharm Hamburg Trade Fair with Congress and discussion forums. Around 100 exhibitors at the trade fair in Hamburg, Interpharm their pharmaceutical products, new products and services. See, for example, medicinal teas, products for nutrition and dietetics, pharmacy technical requirements, nursing, medicine, pharmacy and cosmetics, bandages are decorative, advertising and packaging. The Interpharm Hamburg is also the most important trade fair training session with a certified training conference, as well as discussion forums and company
The Corporate Health Fair Convention is a European trade fair for health promotion and demographics. Many exhibitors at the Convention Corporate Health Fair Cologne their products and services in the areas of inpatient and outpatient prevention, health-oriented office furniture and workplace design, company catering and food, medical products, diagnostics and IT solutions, as well as continuing education and training. In practice, different forums will also lecture about the Corporate Health Convention KölnMesse and discuss current issues.
09–11 май 2023
Vitafoods Europe is only event in the world to concentrate exclusively on the expanding market for nutraceuticals, nutricosmetics, functional foods and drinks ingredients & raw materials. The Vitafoods Europe Conference has built an international reputation within the nutraceuticals industry as a high-quality conference delivering a programme that covers the hottest topics and themes in food ingredients.  The conference attracts some of the leading industry figures to share their latest findings and discoveries.  As well as meeting some of the world's leading suppliers, visitors took advantage of a range of free eduational features designed to provide updates on the latest industry developments, including a packed Seminar Theature and bustling New Products Zone
ORTHOPÄDIE + REHA-TECHNIK is the sector's leading event worldwide. The event takes place every two years and combines the presentation of innovations and new products at the trade fair with further professional training of the highest international quality. Visitors drawn from all over the world with the support of the member associations of ISPO and INTERBOR. Orthopaedic technicians, orthopaedic shoe technicians, rehabilitation technicians, wholesalers and retailers, doctors, and staff involved in health funding meet in Leipzig. One in three visitors to the show is either solely or jointly responsible for purchasing and procurement decisions. Speakers from around the world offer a top-class congress programme. The topics at the scientific congress of ORTHOPÄDIE + REHA-TECHNIK cover orthopaedic technology, orthopaedic shoe technology, rehabilitation technology, compression therapy, sports medicine, food research, care and general therapy. The aim is to be pro-active in involving in the congress programme all professionals working in rehabilitation. The inclusion of topics from biological and neurological sciences identify future trends for target groups represented by doctors, engineers and scientists. Orthopaedic technologyOrthopaedic shoe technologyRehabilitation technologySurgical supplies and medical technologyMedical and technical informationWorkshop and shop fittings 
The fairs German Wound Care Congress conference and Bremer are combined events for medicine and nursing. German Wound Care Congress conference in Bremen and Bremen Bremen is a practical convention and trade show every year with varying emphasis on inpatient, outpatient and acute clinical care, medical professionals and all interested parties. German Wound Care Conference and Bremer Congress offers an excellent platform for exchange on current issues and addresses nationwide and across borders to physicians, nurses, industrial companies, agents of wound management in the health sector and other interested parties.
Few contributors to the conference ISHEID take this year's theme "The Search for a Cure" as much to heart as Dr. Santiago Moreno, who is Trying to make real progress in finding a way to Eradicate HIV. He Has Attended Several Editions of the conference in 2012 and join the scientific committee ET for a second time, Helping shape the program. "The program is very Clinically oriented so That Cdn Physicians find Exactly What They Need for Their practice, particularly for young Practitioners looking for solutions In Their clinics. ISHEID HAS strong scientific focus with presentations dealing with Many advanced research. We appreciate Being updated in a single conference with current research To Be Used To treat patients Immediately. Most Other conferences do not address this aspect of scientific Higher level. There is nothing related to HIV ...
Focus on the 7th Bremer Care Congress is the main theme "The Challenge of Nutrition", above all, we are concerned with the question of how a needs-based and need-based diet might look like from the nursing care or can be promoted in the hospital, nursing home or even at home. From a purely physiological means food for the people who supply the body with nutrients and fluid. Nutrition is a much more complex issue is more than satisfying a basic need. Eating and drinking is also a pleasurable experience, which allows the general well-being. Many different factors influence the individual composition of the diet, including the physical environment, the person in whose presence the food is or socio-economic opportunities of those concerned. Eating and drinking - what, how and when to eat - also depends on social rituals.
18–20 май 2023
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MEDTEC Europe is the premier trade fair for the medical device manufacturing industry. This powerful resource event provides the opportunity for Europe's medical device manufacturing industry to purchase capital equipment, order custom components, specify subassemblies and tap into the creative know-how of the world's leading suppliers. Make your plans today to attend MEDTEC Europe. There's no other way to effectively and efficiently see, compare and evaluate the complete range of product and service resources for designing and manufacturing your current and next-generation medical devices and equipment.
Thanks to your loyalty, The Nurse ® Salon in Paris, Porte de Versailles, Pavilion 3, and we thank you. The living room nurse ® 2012 is a unique encounter with the actors of the public and private hospitals, the liberal universe, institutional structures, associations. A forum, making contacts and mixing experience, that's what this new edition of Nurse ® will pretend to be. You have developed care activities, prevention activities, research projects, innovative approaches? Looking to exchange about professional news? The Scientific Committee invites you to submit your proposals for presentations, which can be selected to integrate the communications program for this 25th edition of Nursing.
New venue: this year, GERONT EXPO-HANDICAP EXPO will be held in Hall 1! Already 170 exhibitors, 76% of the area reserved and guaranteed presence of essential sector such as Geria Contract Group, Hill Rom, Arjo equipment, MMO, Corona Medical, Liko, Linet Group, Electrolux Laundry, HMS Vilgo, Rentokil Initial, Eur 'Equip, Tarkett, Villard, Ecolab
26–27 май 2023
<div> The International Team for Implantology (ITI) unites professionals around the world from every field of implant dentistry and related tissue regeneration. As an independent academic association, it Actively promotes networking and exchange among its membership. ITI Fellows and Members, who now number more than 10,000 in total, regularly share their knowledge and expertise from research and clinical practice at meetings, courses and congresses with the objective of continuously improving treatment methods and outcomes to the benefit of their patients. </div>
31 май — 02 июнь 2023
t is a challenging time for the pharmaceutical industry with generic competition, price restrictions and the US healthcare reforms impacting on current and future revenues.Companies are increasingly turning to their pharmaceutical development departments to get new drugs to market and extend the lifetime of existing products. With the global market for advanced delivery systems amounting to $134.3 billion in 2008, and estimated to reach $196.4 billion in 2014*, it is becoming increasingly evident that new technologies are critical for the future of the pharma industry.Drug Delivery and Formulation will see over 200 industry professionals from across pharmaceutical and biologic formulation and drug delivery disciplines converge to discuss themes including: Formulation strategies for poorly soluble compounds Novel delivery methods for protein and peptide therapeutics Reformulation for product lifecycle extensions Advances in drug delivery devices and the impact on formulations Partnering and out-sourcing to support in-house formulation development The impact of product price restrictions on the investment in novel delivery technologies  
06–08 июнь 2023
With over 450 exhibitors on 20,000 sqm of exhibition space, AUTONOMIC PARIS 2010 is the leading trade fair where all the players converge to disability and dependency for greater autonomy of individuals, home and / or institution. Trade and consumer public, it will address: manufacturers, resellers and manufacturers of technical aids and disability equipment, to social and medico-social to health professionals and social communities, users - disabled, frail elderly and their relatives.