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04 фев. 2012 — 06 фев. 2023
The ILM Winter Styles presents the coming fashion: It is the international forum for autumn/winter trends and seasonal novelties in fashionable bags and leather accessories. On show are international lifestyle and designer labels and the most promising young fashions. The programme includes as well new articles for the sectors outdoor, sports and school, and is rounded off by fashion events, reports and fashion talks, offering additional inspiration and great support in decision -making. The ILM Winter Styles is a must in every appointment calender.
04 фев. 2012 — 06 фев. 2023
The I.L.M International Leather Goods Fair Offenbach is considered as a MUST for the respective specialized trade that searches and maintains relationships on this platform. Congenially clear in its size and at the same time highly efficient for the visitor, the I.L.M Offenbach sets on quality instead of quantity. Specialized buyers from inland and abroad appreciate this profiled platform for information and ordering on the basis of a representative variety and a high quality level. Those offering bag fashion or leather goods in their full variety are exactly at the right place here in Offenbach – now at the I.L.M Summer Styles with the right fashion impulses for the business in spring and summer. The fair program offers: international lifestyle and fashion brands, young culture and sports labels, first-class presentations for travel, school, business, and a variety of dernier cri city bags, small leather goods, umbrellas as well as gloves, belts, and other fashion accessories.  
31 дек. 2021 — 31 дек. 2022
EventsWallet is an innovative platform for event organisers that allows them to host in-person, virtual and hybrid events, and provide event audiences with tools for effective communication and work. ✓ Event program with online broadcasting ✓ Exhibition halls with virtual booths and sponsors catalogues ✓ Matchmaking system for in-person and virtual meetings ✓ Video chat rooms, discussions, and other networking tools ✓ Built-in service for virtual meetings ✓ Unlimited streaming options ✓ Unlimited amount of visitors
17 май 2022 — 31 дек. 2023
На цій платформі ви зможете отримати психологічну консультацію від досвідчених спеціалістів і за потреби пройти курс з реабілітації та соціальної адаптації. Психологи надають свої послуги безкоштовно, або за рахунок зібраних благодійних пожертвувань. On this platform you will be able to get psychological advice from experienced professionals and, if it is necessary, take a course on rehabilitation and social adaptation. Psychologists provide their services for free or at the expense of collected charitable contributions.
19 май — 31 дек. 2022
Ласкаво просимо до Спільноти Українців в Португалії! Welcome to the Community of Ukrainians in Portugal! Наша платформа об'єднує українців, які були вимушені виїхати з країни до Португалії! За кілька простих кроків ви знайдете потрібний сервіс або відповідь на питання. Перейдіть до лівого меню для: - Контакти: шукайте цікаві контакти, знайомтесь, плануйте зустрічі, потім спілкуйтесь у віртуальних залах; - Конференц зал: дивіться вебінари в прямому ефірі та презентації сервісів; - Експо зал представляє державні установи та волонтерські центри; - Новини: слідкуйте за новинами спільноти; - Обговорення: ставте питання та спілкуйтесь зі співвітчизниками. Our platform unites Ukrainians who were forced to leave their country for Portugal! In a few simple steps you will find the right service or answer to your questions. Go to the left menu for: - Contacts: look for interesting contacts, get acquainted, schedule meetings, then communicate in virtual rooms; - Conference hall: watch live webinars and presentations of services; - The Expo Hall represents government agencies and volunteer centers; - News: follow community related news: - Discussion: ask questions and communicate with others.
14 июль — 31 дек. 2022
Ласкаво просимо до платформи Персоналу для Виставок! Welcome to the Exhibition Staff Platform! Наша платформа об'єднує українців, які шукають роботу або пропонують свої послуги у виставковій індустрії закордоном! За кілька простих кроків ви знайдете потрібний сервіс або відповідь на питання. Перейдіть до лівого меню для: - Контакти: шукайте цікаві контакти, знайомтесь, плануйте зустрічі, потім спілкуйтесь у віртуальних залах; - Експо зал представляє персонал для виставок у різних містах і країнах; - Новини: слідкуйте за новинами спільноти; - Обговорення: ставте питання та спілкуйтесь зі співвітчизниками. Our platform unites Ukrainians who are looking for a job or promoting their services in the exhibition industry abroad! In a few simple steps you will find the right service or answer to your questions. Go to the left menu for: - Contacts: look for interesting contacts, get acquainted, schedule meetings, then communicate in virtual rooms; - The Expo hall represents exhibition staff in different cities and countries; - News: follow community related news: - Discussion: ask questions and communicate with others.
19 сент. 2022 — 19 фев. 2023
Запрошуємо відвідати HOME & CHRISTMAS: інтерактивний каталог українських постачальників. Це онлайн платформа для налагодження співпраці між українськими виробниками та постачальниками, що зуміли під час війни зберегти виробництво та працюють в сфері споживчих товарів для дому та індустрії гостинності, а також сезонного та святкового декору. Це інноваційна цифрова платформа 24/7 для гуртових замовлень: - новорічної продукції та сезонного декору - подарунків та канцтоварів - домашнього та декоративного текстилю - посуду, товарів для дому та HoReCa. Українські постачальники, актуальні новини ринку, онлайн-зустрічі – усе цілодобово у вашому смартфоні. Скористайтесь індивідуальними умовами для замовлень, контактами без посередників та легким інтерфейсом. Підтримуймо український бізнес разом! ___________________________________________ We invite you to visit HOME & CHRISTMAS: an interactive catalog of Ukrainian suppliers. This is an online platform for establishing cooperation between with Ukrainian manufacturers and suppliers who managed to maintain production during the war and work in the field of consumer goods for the home and the hospitality industry, as well as seasonal and holiday decor. It is an innovative 24/7 digital platform for bulk orders: - New Year products and seasonal decor - gifts and stationery - home and decorative textiles - table and - kitchenware, household goods and horeca. Ukrainian suppliers, current market news, online meetings - all in your tablet. Take advantage of individual conditions for orders, contacts without intermediaries. Let`s support Ukrainian business together!
23 сент. 2022 — 25 сент. 2023
You want to make attention to yourself, increase your visibility and attract new customers? Then you've come to the right. Because only in the construction fair Düren you can of 30 Sep to 03 October 2011's performance and uniqueness of a large, affluent clientele interested and buying show. In no time you can make contact with new customers or maintain existing customers. You can present your products and services, increase demand and make it clear just what makes you as a company - purposefully and without wastage. To achieve your goals, we support you, of course, with our unique marketing approach and our experience in Building for over 10 years. Have we piqued your interest? Then register with us!
30 сент. 2022 — 10 окт. 2023
For eleven days, the Parc des Expositions de Metz Métropole brings together 750 exhibitors and 1450, becoming the references of excitement that brings together all the institutions and businesses of the Greater Region. But even beyond this regional dimension, the Fair is exceptional in that it concentrates Metz products and know-how from 26 countries giving the whole event's international status. Ideally positioned in the heart of a catchment area of ​​nearly 3 million people living within 40 minutes from the Exhibition, The International Fair of Metz is both an appointment and shopping a social phenomenon that n has no equivalent in any one quarter north-east of France.
11 окт. 2022 — 13 окт. 2023
Topics Active Global Support, aviation and aerospace, automotive, banking, Best Practices, BPO Powered by SAP Business Maps, Business Process Management (BPM), Business Solutions, Chemicals, Compliance Calibrator, Consulting, Consumer Products, Custom Development, Engineering, Construction, and ship-building, Education, Endorsed Business Solutions, Financial Service Providers, financing, health care, high tech and electronics industry, universities and research facilities, machinery, appliance and component manufacturing, manufacturing, media industry, metal, wood and paper industry, Packaged Services , packaged solutions, portfolio, service industry, public administration, commerce, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business Suite, SAP BusinessObjects portfolio, SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions, SAP solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance, SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP ERP Corporate Svcs, SAP ERP Financials, SAP ERP Human Capital Management SAP ERP Operations, Travel & Logistics Services, SAP Managed Services, SAP Partners, SAP PLM, SAP R / 3, SAP Ramp-Up, SAP Supply Chain Management, SAP Services, SAP Supplier Relationship Management, SAP xApps, SAP xApps for Mobile Business, SOA, SOX compliance, TCO Framework, telecommunications, utilities and waste management, wholesale
01–30 нояб. 2022
Access: Albertville - RN 90 Exit 30 - Branch Ugine Room of the Pierre Roy Path of the King Peter 73200 Albertville Parking: Free Restoration: (seated) at the show Tea room and bar all day Saturday: 10 am - 19 pm Sunday: 10 am - 19 pm Catwalks: 4 parades Saturday and Sunday 14 H 30 and H 17 00 Admission: 5 euros
12–30 нояб. 2022
A wide range of training You want to integrate the university, offering a college preparatory classes or BTS, a business school or engineering, a special school? Valuable information you are issued to get full player in your direction, and this by allowing you to make the right choice between short or long studies, general or specialized (in the health sector or artistic, for example), in training or alternating / learning. Universities in your area is also mobilize to bring you the information needed to succeed in your studies.
25 нояб. 2022 — 08 янв. 2023
The Incredible Comedy Festival's Frisson and Animals Lincroyable Comedy Festival and the Thrill of Animals. Spectacular! This could be the second title of our 2012 show! Without abusing superlatives, cest arguably the best show of traditional circus on tour in France this year. The wealth numbers from around the world, of course, in addition to our numbers featured "house" of the Fauves Frederic Edelstein, presented by a legendary master of ceremonies, the "Grand Class" above and beyond cartoons: A show all by himself. He tells us the circus, takes us on a whirlwind of madness. He plays with artists, mingles with audience, accompany us up to the final parade. Laugh, Come have fun. Come and applaud a show Magic! FREE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 2 YEARS 2 HOURS OF SHOW PLACES 13 euros to 45 euros Visit the zoo every day from 10h to 19h "1 euro" Consumer information: or All showtimes on: www.cirquepinder.com HOURS: - Friday 15/06: 19:30 - Saturday 16/06: 14:30 - 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. - Sunday 17/06: 10:30 - 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. - Monday 18/06: Pours the school only 9:30 "Complete" and 14.30 "1H30"
26 нояб. — 11 дек. 2022
Christmas funfair is housed inside the Parc Floral de Paris (12th). Of 12,000 m², visitors will access to several attractions in an area entirely covered and heated. Three areas have been designed to suit all ages. "The little fairground" appeal to children up to 6 years, "The intrepid" suitable for 6-10 years while "Adventurers" amuse larger, from 10 years.
 PCR is an organisation dedicated to education and information in the field of cardiovascular therapies, most notably for cardiovascular intervention and interventional medicine. Its activities cover a large spectrum, from the organisation of annual courses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East to editing a scientific journal, publishing textbooks as well as providing training seminars on thematic subjects.Based on a strong and respectful collaboration with prominent PCR family members, this Course is built by and for the Asia-Pacific cardiovascular community. It reaches out to a wider international audience, to share and learn from the expertise in Asia-Pacific, and stimulate regional projects. The mission is to implement the Participatory learning group development concept. Acting as an R&D cell, this branch has created the LTT sessions and PCR Seminars.
28–30 нояб. 2022
Salon Vins et Terroirs de Toulouse, the appointment of regional flavors! A unique opportunity each year to discover or rediscover quality products and authentic from our land ... A varied synonymous with simple pleasures and true. From 9 to 11 November at the Parc des Expositions de Toulouse, wines and terroirs rhyme with discoveries and festivities.
28–30 нояб. 2022
ISPO MUNICH, the international sport business network, is expanding its services:Directly after the trade fair, from February 10 - 12, the testing event "ispo ON SNOW DEMO" took place for the first time. You had the possibility to test the winter sport assortment 2012 under professional conditions on the slopes of the glacier in Hintertux for three days. Over 15 manufacturers from the winter sports sector - among them also many new generation brands - provided more than 500 products ranging from skis to snowboards, apparel and accessories.  Event programme: Product testing (focus: freeski) with over 15 leading manufacturers from the winter sports industryChill Out Area Industry get together incl. sledding night   …and much more!Location: Hintertuxer Glacier in the Zillertal, AustriaThe Hintertux Glacier in the Ziller Valley - Austria's only all-year-round ski area |100% snow guaranteed | Powder snow from October to May | 86km of perfect natuaral snow downhills and 21 ultra-modern lift systems | Panorama terrace at 3,250m above sea-level
organize in 1996 the German stock exchange and the KfW banking group twice a year, the German Equity Forum, Europe's established and successful event for equity financing. Core of the Fall Forum are the trade fair and the presentations of capital seeking companies and financial intermediaries. They present their activities and products and provide an outlook on expected business performance. Companies have the opportunity to speak with booths for an investment and establish useful contacts and presentations in their company to a broad group of investors. Already companies listed in Prime Standard will have the opportunity to present at the forum their latest financial figures. An attractive conference and seminar program on current industry trends, workshops, plenary lectures and discussions on the subject of equity for the middle class to accompany the presentations. A total of 5,000 participants are expected.
29 нояб. — 01 дек. 2022
MAPIC is the leading market for the growing international retail real estate industry. It attracts key players – from investors and retailers through to shopping centres and cities – creating a unique community in one place at one time. MAPIC provides an exclusive platform for companies to showcase concepts and developments, discover new trends and expand into the international arena.
On behalf of Legal Week I am delighted to announce the launch of the preliminary programme for the 2011 Legal Week Independent Law Firms Forum. Having chaired the forum for three years, I am also pleased to reveal that my colleague, Alex Novarese, editor of Legal Week, has agreed to chair this coming forum.With the immediate impact of the financial crisis fading, independent law firms are now intent on planning for a new, extremely challenging business environment. They will need to continue to boost their own operational efficiency and they will need to explore new ways of delivering legal services to an ever-more demanding client base. The most confident law firms will also be targeting new markets and opportunities, both on their home territory, but also in the world's high-growth economies.
29 нояб. — 01 дек. 2022
In spite of adverse weather conditions in London, coupled with transport problems on 14 Day, Mines and Money 2011's attendance was the best ever! Thanks to all the sponsors, exhibitors and attendees for their enterprising spirit in getting to the event, proving that the mining industry can live up to its innovative nature! Business Design Centre, Islington, London.
29–30 нояб. 2022
WA Major Projects Conference is the largest major projects and infrastructure conference in Western Australia. In 2011, WA Major Projects Conference attracted over 350 delegates. The 2012 conference is expected to be bigger and better.The WA Major Projects Conference will focus not only on the areas of investment but will also focus on other sectors of infrastructure that play a vital role to ensure the future growth of the state including projects that attract strategic investments to Western Australia.The times ahead are filled with opportunities and the "WA Major Projects Conference” is intended to help delegates take advantage of the emerging opportunities through learning and sharing. The conference will provide the ideal opportunity to examine projects shaping the state with the main aim being to assist both the public as well as the private sector in better understanding the WA Market and providing them with an effective, efficient and environmentally viable means of being involved with projects.Sectors covered in the conference agenda:HousingHealthBuildingsRoadsRailPortsPublic TransportPowerWaterLand & PropertyHigh profile speakers from both Public and Private sectors will deliver an informative and exciting program. The announcement of major projects and policies will enable the conference's high level attendees to better examine and identify the business and investment opportunities that are taking shape in their industries. By providing a high-level forum for discussion, debate and doing business, this conference will help contractors, suppliers, and the public sector to work together in ensuring that the WA Market is still the best place to live, invest and do business.
Индустрии Реклама, маркетинг, полиграфия Сельское хозяйство Архитектура Красота, мода, одежда, косметика Бизнес, финансы, банки Культура, искусство Дизайн, подарки, мебель Электроника, электротовары Еда, напитки, упаковка Здравоохранение, фармацевтика Хобби, ремесла Гостиницы, рестораны, кейтеринг IT, электронная торговля Ювелирные изделия, Предметы роскоши Дети, игрушки Кино, театр, ТВ Музыка, танцы Другое Личностный рост, психология Недвижимость, инвестиции Безопасность Наука, образование, изобретения Общество, политика Транспорт, логістика Путешествия, развлечения, досуг, спорт Химия, пластик, резина Потребительские ярмарки Энергосбережение, экология, очистка, утилизация Евент-индустрия Промышленное оборудование, инструменты, электроника Машиностроение, металлургия, обработка металла, сварка Кросс-тематические мероприятия Нефть, газ, полезные ископаемые Онлайн-выставки Энергия, энергетика Топ-мероприятия