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04–06 окт. 2023
EXPO REAL, the International Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment, has been held every October since 1998 in Munich Germany.The largest B2B trade fair for commercial real estate in Europe focuses on networking, market orientation and valuable business contacts. Across the 64,000 square metre site, 1,610 exhibitors present their real estate product portfolios. EXPO REAL participants cover the entire spectrum of the real estate industry: project developers and managers, investors and financiers, consultants and agents, architects and planners, corporate real estate managers and expansion managers as well as representatives from economic regions and cities.The event is accompanied by an extensive conference programme: across five forums, 400 speakers discuss current trends and innovations in the real estate, investment and financial markets.
The Knitting and Stitching Shows are the definitive and best exhibitions for lovers of textiles in Ireland.
05–06 окт. 2023
In today's fast moving market, a company's human resources have become the key factor for success. Efficient HR management, qualified and motivated employees, as well as a combination of teamwork and social skills play a crucial role in this context. At the same time, HR professionals find themselves exposed to growing expectations, due to of increased economic pressure. Therefore, human resource managers need a complete overview of innovative products and services in their branch. Salon RH, a showcase especially designed for human resource management, will offer you this important information. Geneva, the location of numerous international organizations' and institutions' headquaters, the economic focus of francophone Switzerland, so this locations gives Salon RH a European perspective towards the francophone countries.
09–12 окт. 2023
Companies, professional associations or groups that have concluded a partnership agreement with the College These partnerships, based on a convergence of intent and / or action in the professional field, do not imply any relationship between partners in a financial way or the other.     * Audipog     * GEMVI     * Gynecology Without BordersCNGOF 91 Boulevard de Sebastopol - 75002 PARIS Tel. 33 (0) 1 43 43 01 00 - Fax 33 (0) 1 43 43 02 22 For all correspondence relating to professional and scientific ACTIVITIES PUBLICATIONS of CNGOF or, send emails to the secretariat of CNGOF For all correspondence relating to WEBSITE (presentation, content or operation), email the webmaster Webmaster: Dr. B. Michelon.
10–13 окт. 2023
Bondexpo — the platform for adhesive technology. The importance of adhesives and adhesive technologies as a construction element in the area of joining and its extended functions is totally underestimated to this day. The same can be said about the possibilities for rationalisation that the use of adhesives and adhesive technology opens up. The new expert trade fair Bondexpo looks at these issues and for the first time presents the entire world of adhesive technology to an expert audience. The new trade fair Bondexpo has been designed to be a practical sector to get-together, intended to introduce customers and professional operators to the varied uses and application possibilities of adhesives. Whether manufacturers of adhesives, sealants and sealing compounds or suppliers of dosing and application installations — the Bondexpo is the only sector platform worldwide and brings together suppliers and users. While a thoroughly worked-out glossary ensures the necessary «grip keeps feet on the ground», a selection of peripheral seminars and expert lectures guarantees interesting and comprehensive information is at hand.
For eleven days, presenting the popular and successful public exhibition an attractive mix of information, entertainment and knowledge. A rich goods and services, informative special displays, attractive Tiervor- tours in the arena, a varied program with Forum events, numerous musical performances and the presence of distinguished guests from the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land and law provide the visitors once again a unique and impressive world of experience with lots of buying and tasting opportunities.
14–22 окт. 2023
The leading companies of industry will present your attention goods and services in repair, building, design of interiors, gardening, landscape design; visitors will be able to get consultations of specialists on any question, to related to building and repair.Building productsLandscape architectureRenovationRestoration of builGardeningBuilding industry
Die Messe Oberschwabenschau Ravensburg die größte Verbraucher- und Landwirtschaftsmesse im Südwesten.Rund 600 Aussteller präsentieren auf der Oberschwabenschau Messe Ravensburg ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen. Zum Angebotsspektrum gehören dabei die Themen Landwirtschaft, Bau, Ausbau und Renovierung, Wohnen, Einrichten, Haushalt, Genuss und Freizeit.Für Besucher bedeutet ein Tag auf der Oberschwabenschau Ravensburg Messe fachkundikge Information, glanzvolle Unterhaltung, kulinarischer Genuss und abwechslungsreiches Shopping-Erlebnis. LandescapeConstruction, repairing, rennovationInteriorGastronomy
The fair is an international model TRAKTORADO Husum tractors exhibition. Many exhibitors at the Messe Husum TRAKTORADO old and new agricultural technology in the original as well as large-and small-series models in various scales. On the huge market models and spare parts are available for purchase. In addition to presenting the TRAKTORADO Husum exhibition contractors and farm equipment dealers in the region through its powerful tractors and machinery and restored classic cars.
Fine Food Perth is the newest event for the foodservice and hospitality industry. See and taste hundreds of new food and beverage ideas and try out the latest equipment from around the country. Hospitality Perth, the motel, hotel and restaurant equipment exhibition, runs along side Fine Food, making the combined exhibition the state’s best meeting place to find new products. Products on display at Fine Food include bakery, dairy, drinks, confectionery, convenience, gourmet, meat, seafood, wine and much more. Hospitality consists of accommodation & guest amenities, catering & foodservice equipment, cleaning and packaging. To make your visit easier the show includes product areas including: BakeryWorld, Drinks World, Meat World, Seafood World and Hospitality Equipment.
Harrogate Nursery Fair 2012The organisation for the 2012 Harrogate Nursery Fair is well under way and the demand for space is as high as ever and in just eight weeks selling just over 100 companies have booked their space for the 2012 exhibition.There is no space at all in Hall A or Hall M, with a little amount of space left in Halls B, C and Hall Q which is the largest hall, with over 40 companies having reserved space in there already!The Harrogate Nursery Fair covers all products from 0 years of age and goes strength on strength year on year with most of the major companies returning again for 2012 and it's great to see 'Tomy' returning after missing a couple of years.
Fakuma is the international trade fair for plastics processing. The Fakuma started out a very high level right from the start in 1981, demonstrating concentrated specialised competence and providing experts with outstanding contacts and information.Friedrichshafen, located where Switzerland, Austria and Germany converge on one another, provides the Fakuma with an ideal trade fair location. In general, the Fakuma is distinguished by broad-based offerings including processing machinery and suitable peripherals, raw materials and applications, as well as automation solutions, control technology and much more.
18–22 окт. 2023
As exhibition space is embedded in a catfish of the most productive and environmentally-conscious regions of Europe - Upper 15 in the heart of central Europe with its economy and purchasing power is the basis of our activities. Whether fairs, conventions, corporate events and gala dinners - we have the right solution for your needs. With years of experience will help our team with many services.
20–23 окт. 2023
Ensconced between apparel, body ornaments and high heels, next to video producers and toys, you will also find and extensive show program guaranteed to turn your visit to the show into an unforgettable event! To give you a bit of a foretaste, we have in the following listed a small overview of all the programs and events to come:
The XXXIII. International Conference on Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. The International Refereed Conference Proceedings will be blind peer reviewed by three competent reviewers and indexed by Excellence in Research for 14 (ERA), Google Scholar, Scopus, Compendex, Thomson Reuters, WorldCat, EBSCO, GALE,  Embase, Reaxys, Engineering Village / Engineering Index (EI), Library of Congress, British Library, Electronic Journals Library will be internationally distributed both in Electronic CD-ROM Format  and  Proceedings Book.
22–26 окт. 2023
iba is the leading international trade fair for the bakery and confectionery trade.
25–27 окт. 2023
The exhibition it-sa Nuremberg is the IT Security Expo. Many exhibitors at the it-sa Nürnberg their products and services related to IT security. The range of IT Security Expo Nürnberg covers solutions to prevent intrusions, hardware failures, insider crime, theft and loss of laptops and storage media, not least of burglary of entire computer systems. But also to awareness, fire protection, data backup and hardware, Internet and network security, testing and certification, as well as storage, access, and access controls are deals to be found. Several supporting events such as meetings, workshops, tutorials and general meetings around IT security complement the range of products it-sa Nuremberg Messe.
28–29 окт. 2023
The XXXII. International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. ICBB 2012 has teamed up with the International Journal of Medical and Biological Sciences for publishing a Special Journal Issue on Advances in Biotechnology and Bioengineering. All submitted papers will have opportunities for consideration for this Special Journal Issue. The selection will be carried out during the review process as well as at the conference presentation stage. Submitted papers must not be under consideration by any other journal or publication. The final decision will be made based on peer review reports by the guest editors and the Editor-in-Chief jointly.
01–13 нояб. 2023
With nearly 600 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors, the international fair and gourmet Dijon is the 6th International Fair of France and the first economic event of Burgundy. Main sectors: - Food, wine, local produce - Restaurants specializing in regional and foreign - Furniture, housing, household equipment - Craft World - Health, beauty - Entertainment, games, new technologies, multimedia. Each year, a foreign country is invited as an honored guest. In 2012, this is Argentina. Encounters of Lucullus Gourmet: Cooking demonstrations, tastings multiple contests in public.
01–02 нояб. 2023
Every year ushers in Sindelfingen traditionally a Christmas Bazaar in November, the Christmas season. Some 200 exhibitors present a wide range of Christmas, beautiful and useful. A broad array of offerings, many activities for all ages and, not least the creative Dörfle in which there are lovingly handmade treasures make a visit to the Sindelfingen Christmas Bazaar is an experience for the whole family.
01–02 нояб. 2023
Pulire España 2010 is to take place in the prestigious Parque Ferial de Ifema in Madrid, from 23 to 25 March, during which time the exhibition will be flanked by workshops, seminars and meetings on current issues of great importance for the sector, presented by qualified speakers and by the most representative sector associations. Pulire España has once more consolidated its role as reference trade fair for the Spanish Professional Cleaning market. Figures from the 2008 edition are clear indicators of the event success and of the growing importance it has acquired since its onset in 2002. With an 8.9% increase in visitors and a 20% increase in exhibitors, Pulire España remains an extremely important event for all Professional Cleaning operators and users, bringing together all the main sectors of the Professional Cleaning industry.
We welcome extended abstracts based around the following themes: 1. Emerging Hydrocarbon Provinces a) Global Frontiers b) New Access to Exisiting Provinces 2. Northwest Europe Continental Shelf a) Exploration b) Development and Production Challenges 3. Unconventional Resources a) Unconventional Gas b) Unconventional Oil c) Techniques and Technologies
02–05 нояб. 2023
“With 5,246 visitors from 52 countries and 213 exhibitors from 18 countries elec expo & EneR Event 2011 is now the leading event in the region” “As the driving force behind the electrification of many African regions Morocco is engaged in its leadership role for West-Africa”     Honored with the presence of Mme Amina Benkhadra, the Moroccan minister of energy, mines, water and environment, and Mr Abdellatif Maâzouz, the minister of foreign trade, the president of FENELEC – the Moroccan Federation of Electricity, Electronics and Renewable Energies, Youssef Tagmouti, has officially opened the 6th elec expo and the 1st EneR Event on 22 November 2011.    Day 1 was earmarked by by a major event: The signature of the Constitution of the Confédération Africaine d’Electricité CAFELEC, which regroups the national electrical federations of Cameroun, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal and Morocco.   
03–04 нояб. 2023
On September 29, 2012 will be the 7th Day of Ophthalmology Interactive. This appointment will take place annually in Toulouse Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis. This year's theme is: Glaucoma. This day will be chaired by Professor Jean-Paul Renard, who did us the honor of accepting our invitation and will give us the benefit of her experience. It will be organized as follows: * The morning will be dedicated to papers on the subject: how to diagnose and manage growth? * Lunch will be held, as usual, on the trade show, which will allow us to share with our industry partners * The afternoon will be devoted to workshops and will culminate with a presentation of clinical cases and a question and answer session.
Индустрии Реклама, маркетинг, полиграфия Сельское хозяйство Архитектура Красота, мода, одежда, косметика Бизнес, финансы, банки Культура, искусство Дизайн, подарки, мебель Электроника, электротовары Еда, напитки, упаковка Здравоохранение, фармацевтика Хобби, ремесла Гостиницы, рестораны, кейтеринг IT, электронная торговля Ювелирные изделия, Предметы роскоши Дети, игрушки Кино, театр, ТВ Музыка, танцы Другое Личностный рост, психология Недвижимость, инвестиции Безопасность Наука, образование, изобретения Общество, политика Транспорт, логістика Путешествия, развлечения, досуг, спорт Химия, пластик, резина Потребительские ярмарки Энергосбережение, экология, очистка, утилизация Евент-индустрия Промышленное оборудование, инструменты, электроника Машиностроение, металлургия, обработка металла, сварка Кросс-тематические мероприятия Нефть, газ, полезные ископаемые Онлайн-выставки Энергия, энергетика Топ-мероприятия